LISTENING to your needs is our BASIC.
    UNDERSTANDING you and your market is our REQUIREMENT.
    THINKING in different perspectives for you is our DIRECTION.


    To CREATE a CREATIVE solution requires CREATIVITY.


    Having a FRIEND is BETTER than having a foe.
    Having a TEAM is BETTER than working alone.
    COLLABORATION is BETTER than individualism.



Who we are

Egalite Marketing Pte Ltd is a marketing company that provides media and broadcast solutions to our clients. Be it a turnkey solution you seek or any revoluntionary marketing ideas that requires a customized solution, your wish is our command.

With our various in house media platforms, we provide customizable solutions that creates the immediate link for better understanding of our clients' products and services by their targeted end consumers in the shortest possible time.

At Egalite Marketing, we understand that the ultimate aim of our clients are to achieve either brand awareness, to increase brand presence, for consumers to adopt their new products and brand whereby all in all, to attain customer loyalty.

In today’s over-crowded media environment, attention is at a premium. Whether you are offering ideas, information or goods, you’re up against the same challenge: how to capture interest.

With that in mind, we truly understand what our clients need; to effectively promote their products and services to the right audience. Not forgetting what the consumers ultimately desire; quality goods or services which are easily accessible and value for money.

We have a growing database of end consumers in our community platforms as well. Thus, we ensure that every penny spent by our clients on promoting their products or services will achieve maximum results. Information and marketing messages will reach their desired end consumers effectively.

While we provide our end consumers with value added products or services from our clients, they also stand chances to get rewarded for particpating in our campaigns and joining our community by our in house reward system platform which is unique in the market.

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Our Services


Your website tells a lot about your business. It shows how much thought your business puts into its brand and whether you value your website audience.

Mobile App

Take a minute of your time to look around regardless of where you currently am at. You will spot someone whose eyes are glued to the small screen in his or her hands.


Presentations that are highly informative and grammatically flawless may not be the presentations that are memorable and stays at the top of consumers' mind.

Social Media

Do you understand what are people needs, wants and desires? Most importantly, what propels them to read, adopt and even share about your brand or products and services?


Offer the credibility that your business needs. We make transaction monitoring services effortless with easy deployment and straight-forward interfaces for monitoring continuity.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We offer solutions, rather than just services. We empower our workforce through effective communication and training.

Video Background

"If a PICTURE is worth a thousand WORDS.. Then a VIDEO will be worth a MILLION" Read the article below and then watch the video to see what we exactly mean.

A class of students was asked to list down the “7 Wonders of the World.”

Though there were some disagreements, the following received the most votes:

Egypt's Great Pyramids, Taj Mahal, Grand Canyon, Panama Canal, Empire State Building, St. Peter's Basilica, China's Great Wall.

Among all of the answers, one girl's answers stood out. She had a problem. What was the problem? Yes, her answer was totally different from the rest.

Her perspective of the 7 wonders were, being able to see, hear, feel, smell, taste, laugh and to love.

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ONEBedok - Our Neighbourhood E-Commerce

ONE Bedok is part of Our Neighbourhood Ecommerce (ONE), where we aim to unite neighbourhood shops all over Singapore into ONE online platform.

With ONE Bedok, online access to goods & services are just clicks away!

JobQuest365 - Where The Job Questing Fun Begins!

Are you a Potential Employer or Employee? Be it a Permanent Job or a Project-based Position, you can always count on us as a reliable recruitment service provider. We are more than just a job site – we are a ‘Social Jobsite’ which enables you to communicate with potential jobseekers and employers. Our focus on fun helps you enjoy the job searching process, while providing various opportunities for all sorts of positions!